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How to restore old pine furniture

Pine began to be used in England at the start of the 1800s in the Sheraton period. Pine was used mainly for country furniture in the beginning, then began to be used for other styles of furniture as well. The wood is of lighter texture than most hardwood, and was sometimes the base onto which oak veneers were adhered. Old pine furniture can be restored, bringing it to its former beauty. Read on to learn more.

By Marjorie Gilbert
How to restore old pine furniture

Dents in pine

If there is a dent in pine, whether it is pine tables, pine chests, old desks or more, it can be filled.

Remove the finish from the table at least 1/2 inch around the dent by lightly sanding the surface. Use only fine-grit sandpaper.

Apply a few drops of water to the dent and let it sit for at least two days.

If the dent does not rise, try covering it with a wet cloth then pressing it with a warm iron. Make sure that you fold the cloth at least twice before placing it over the dent.

If this method does not work, try using a pine swelling liquid that's available at hardware stores or building supply stores. Follow the manufacturer's directions for application.

If this does not work, gentle drive pins with a hammer into the dents and remove them with a hammer. Add water, as you did above.

Allow the dented area to dry about a week or more, then use a 0000 steel wool to buff the surface of the repaired dented area. Apply wax on the finish of your choice.

Scratches in pine

Use the meat of walnuts, Brazil nuts or pecans to rub into scratches in the pine. The nut's meat will add dark colour to the scratch.

For larger scratches, apply a hard paste wax to the scratch with 0000 steel wool. Make sure that you do this in the direction of the wood's grain. Use a soft cloth to buff the scratched area, and reapply finish to the affected area.

Use furniture patching sticks made of wax in other scratches. Choose a stick that closely matches the colour of the pine. Use thin plastic as a scraper to remove an excess. Let the wax dry completely, then buff it with a soft cloth.

Use an artist's brush to apply wood finish to the scratched area. Repeat until there are scratches on the rest of the pine's surface.

Dings in pine

Use a utility knife to remove any flaking finish from the area around the ding.

Feather the ding as much as possible with 0000 steel wool.

Wax and buff the entire surface of the pine to blend in the repaired ding.

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