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How to sandblast

Sandblasting is a method of cleaning or etching a hard surface like surface of wood or glass. It is considered as an important element for concrete construction. It is also counted among one of the most effective ways for removing rust from metal surfaces and also removes unwanted paint.

By Steven Panns
How to sandblast


Although, it is termed as industrial technique, its applications goes beyond the industrial origin. For instance, sandblasting equipment is also used for finishing wooden pieces of doors and windows. Once in the blast room, sand and compressed air act as two primary ingredients for performing the task of sandblasting. The task would become easy to perform if uniform size and shape of sand is use which is free from any debris. Right air pressure is also equally important to perform the required task. It is believed that air pressure of minimum 70 PSI is required for blasting the sand at a faster speed though 100 PSI pressure will also work. Wood, glass, etc. are few items that can be sandblasted. So, let's understand through this piece of writing how to sandblast wood for signs and crafts. It is important to wear sandblast protective equipment like goggles, gloves, protective filter etc. for protecting skin, lungs and eyes.

Procedure of Sandblasting wood

First of all, seal wood with the help of wood sealer as this will prevent formation of splinters.

Prepare “resist mark”, an adhesive material which protects wood from erosion. Use X-acto knife for cutting the template of a design out of masking material. With the help of wallpaper roller, apply masking material to the wood and then apply heat gun. Application of heat gun will ensure that seal won't come outside at the time of sandblasting.

Prepare sandblaster and add silica sand to a holding container. Set the sandblaster's air pressure in between 80-85psi.

Make a blast as per the design laid out in template mask. Make a blast to such a level that it will lie between 1/2 and 3/8 inches.

After that pull away the masking material

Paint or reseal the sign as required

Sandblasting is an art which needs to be done with right knowledge and materials. With its help and by following particular procedure, beautiful picture or pattern can be made on a piece of wood. It has numerous industrial applications as well.

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