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What does the Jockey Club do?

The first Jockey Club meeting was mentioned in a 1752 racing "Kalendar" which mentioned a race held in Newmarket for "horses the Property of the Noblemen and Gentlemen belonging to the Jockey Club." The main role of the club at that time was to help to ensure that the races were run fairly. Gradually, the Jockey Club oversaw all the races run in Britain. In 2006, the role of the Jockey Club has changed.

By Marjorie Gilbert
What does the Jockey Club do?

Jockey Club Estates

Jockey Club Estates is the "property and land management company" of the Jockey Club. It is owned by the Jockey Club members. The profits generated are used to invest in the facilities and the properties that the Jockey Club owns.

Jockey Club Estates administrates and manages 550 acres in Lambourn and 4500 acres in Newmarket.

Included in the Jockey Club Estates' property portfolio are 90 properties, one of which is the Jockey Club Rooms.

Racing Welfare

Included under this banner are three charities: The Jockey Club Charitable, Trust The Racing Welfare and The Stable Lads Welfare Trust.

The Racing Welfare charity helps to provide support for people connected with racing who are injured, disabled, and ill - financial support - affordable housing for those who are retired, education and more. The charities benefits horse jockeys and all of those who were involved in racing, including "stud and stable staff."

Jockey Club Race Courses

The Jockey Club operates fourteen racecourses in Great Britain. The role of Jockey Club Race Courses is "securing the future of racecourses for horse racing."

Any profits the Jockey Club Race Courses are reinvested in the racecourses, so that the high quality of the racecourses can be maintained. According to the site, its "objective is to maximise profits which can be re-invested to ensure the long-term sustainable success of the business."

The National Stud

The National Stud became part of the Jockey Club in 2008. According to the Jockey Club website, the National Stud "is a commercial Thoroughbred breeding enterprise with a commitment to maintain its training and educational programmes."

The National Stud owns more than 500 hundred acres in Newmarket's edge - it is capable of housing 200 mares and eight stallions in nine completely separate yards.

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