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Music Love

Music Love

Art and music that comes in a natural way through life fills colors and love in life.
(Managed by Ashish)

Tags: music, guitar

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Learn How To Play & Understand Basic Guitar Chords Easily

Introduction To Chords And The C-A-G-E-D Fretboard System Chords are 3 or more notes played at the same time. There are all types of chords, but all will fall under two main categories: major and…

Learn To Play Basic Guitar Chords With Chord Diagrams

Learn To Play Basic Guitar Chords With Chord Diagrams

This set of tutorials, demonstrate the fingerings of the first basic chords that any guitarist should learn. Along with being some of the easiest basic chords to play c, a, g, e and d used in…

Learn How To Play Guitar Chords Easily

Learn How To Play Guitar Chords Easily

The guitar is especially versatile not only because it can be used in a wide variety of styles of music but also because it's more approachable than many other instruments, once you master a few…

Learning the Electric Guitar – Learn How to Play it Today!

In music there are two kinds of written language. That's what we usually call sheet music, and other guitar tab or guitar notes. Conventional sheet music notation tells us everything we need to know…

Learn to Play the Acoustic Guitar - Learn How to Play it Today!

So now you want to be unplugged and it has nothing to do with saving energy, right? You want to learn to play the acoustic guitar, correct. You might just be starting your musical journey or have a…

Learn Guitar Playing Tips With Online Tutorial Guide

Guitar playing is an art and not everyone is a gifted guitarist. This article is devoted to all those guitar lovers who have at some point of their life or the other, experienced a deep desire to…

Learn Guitar Notes Yourself - Tips on How to Learn to Play the Guitar Easily

When trying to learn guitar notes yourself one must figure out from where to start. Interest in learning guitar has been drastically increased by the popularity of such games like Rock Band and…

Learn Guitar Easily - Use Online Guitar Lessons to Learn Faster & Easier

You can learn guitar easy by using an online guitar lessons and tutorials. One can see much faster and better results by downloading guitar lessons online than by paying for a much more expensive…

Learn Guitar Online - Ease the Learning Difficulty by Coaching Yourself

Learn to play any musical instrument will provide you lots of fun and enjoyment, make you live and active; improve your skill and concentration adding passion and style. Learning guitar will also…

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