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World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

All the tricks, guides, tools and cheats you need for a great gaming exprience in WoW Cataclysm
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What is the Best Profession for a Druid in World of Warcraft?

Learn Herbalism. Druids can gather herbs while remaining in flight form, which makes it far more efficient than other classes who have to dismount/remount. Easy money! … TIP: Booster is a popular…

What is the Best Place to Farm Silk Cloth in WoW?

The two best places would be either Scarlet Monastery or the very west side of eastern plaguelands. Scarlet Monestary mainly, because it has a higher drop rate than normal for whatever reason.…

What is the Best Place to Farm Arctic Fur in WoW?

Best location I have found for farming Arctic Fur is in Sholazar Basin. Gorillas located in the Southeastern section of the zone are not hostile so you can pull at your own pace. But, they are close…

What is the Best Place to Farm Borean Leather in World of Warcraft?

Borean Leather can be farmed almost anywhere in Northrend, so there is no 'ultimate' best place. Find an area with mobs you can kill quickly or aoe down. Some good options are the caves in storm…

What is the Best Place to Farm Wool in WoW?

Dead Mines drops some wool, however, maybe you would be better off doing Stockade (depending on if you are allys). All cloth drops from humanoids so if you are killing mobs that are dropping linen…

What is the Best Place to Farm Leather in WoW?

It truly depends on what KIND of leather you want to farm. For light leather - just about any zone level 8-18 Medium: Menethil harbor has a great spot with plenty of raptors that can be killed &…

What is the Best Leatherworking Skill in WoW?

Their is no best Leatherworking skill, they each correspond to different classes and different stats, so it will all depend on your the stats your character will need. However, endgame all of the…

What's the Best Melee Weapon in World of Warcraft?

What's the Best Melee Weapon in World of Warcraft?

The current highest damage and DPS for a melee weapon is Shadowmourne, a legendary quality axe obtained from a quest line in Icecrown Citadel. Only available for Warriors, Paladins and Death Knights.…

What's the Best Place to Farm Iron Ore in World of Warcraft?

Try mapwow.Com. Google map style interface allows you to see node locations for any gatherable mineral in the game. Use it to map the most effecient course. Also, try the addon gatherer with…

What are the Best Gems for Marksmanship in Cataclysm?

Marksmanship needs Agility gems if possible or Crit gems. Which ones depend on gear level. See noxxic.Com for which ones on an 85 285+ ilvl wow.Answers.Wikia.Com What are the Best Gems for…

What is the Best Equipment for Tanking in WoW?

If you're at level 80, get your defense skill to 540 and stack stamina, dodge, parry, block, strength, etc… It really depends on what kind of tank you are though. … TIP: If you need to level your…

What are the Best Dungeons for Warlocks in Cataclysm?

Assuming you're leveling, there really isn't a best dungeon.. Run any LFD will put you in until 80 then start to gear. All level 80 dungeons will drop emblems that you can use for warlock pieces.…

What's the Best Armor for a Level 30 Druid in World of Warcraft?

There isn't a "best armor" for level 30, if you want a good one just go in dungeons. Druids wear leathers. Armor depends in which Specialization do you put the talent points. Example: for Feral Druid…

What's the Best DPS Class in World of Warcraft?

Many of them are good dps classes, and all of them can be. However, there a few that are notable: Rogue: very good against one or a small group of enemies Mage: Has great AoE spells that can damage…

What is the Best Armor for a Level 40 Hunter?

At level 40 hunters can use mail, so you should only try to acquire mail with agility (or attack power, if agility is not available). For every 1 Agility you get 2 Attack power, so judge upgrades…

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