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Tags:  Android, Ebook

My blog


Created on 02/11/2009

Category: blog Weblogs

articles : 20

Blogrank : 27 ( learn more )

My last posts

IReader is released!

Please update on Android market! The is released, please see here: http://code.google.com/p/ireader Thanks!

IReader Beta is released!

Please see here. http://code.google.com/p/ireader/ Only free version can be available.

IReader 1.0.9 is released!

Please update on Android market! Our new website: http://code.google.com/p/ireader Please visite here to get more updates information. Please submit your bug and requirement here:…

The new release is coming soon!

Hi everyone: I'm still working hard on it. It is very long time to update new version, I'm sorry for that. Currently, I'm trying my best to transfer my blog to google project. Our new website is…

The new version will be coming soon!

I'm sorry that it is long time after the last release. I can not spend much time on iReader since I'm busy on my new job, but I will try my best to work on iReader and publish new version. The new…

The progress for new feature!

Finish some part work of new feature, we can show text with any style. Please see the picture. I will work hard, please wait... ....

The version is released!

The is released with new UI and some bugs fixed for previous version. I'm sorry that I will take leave a few days to apply for a new job. So I can not release a new version recently. Hope you…

Add new documentations.

I wrote two documentations to introduce how to read Mobipocket ebook and EReader ebook with DRM protected. Please click the following links or find them in the Documentations item of right column.…

IReader is released!

The version has been released.Changes: Fix bug: Lose some book content in decompressing Mobipocket book. Fix bug: Improve turning page with gesture in HTML view more easy and sensitive. Fix…

IReader is released!

The version has been released.Changes: Fix bug: Open Mobipocket book success but show nothing in HTML and Text View. Fix bug: iReader is stopped by unknown exception when opening EReader…