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10 tested tips to save money

There are many ways in which every household is guilty of overspending. Many of these extras expenses can be reduced. Over time, these can result in some big savings just by being a little thrifty. Here are 10 tested tips to help save you money.

Savings within the home

Rechargeable batteries
If your home uses a high number of batteries per month, then you could make considerable savings by using rechargeable batteries. They may cost you more but in the long run, the money you will save by using rechargeable batteries will be worth it.
Savings on food
It's best to eat at home rather than out in expensive restaurants. Prepare homemade food instead of relying on convenience foods. The food that you purchase from supermarkets are the store's own brand products which is less expensive than famous brands. Become energy efficient
Purchase energy saving light bulbs, switch off lights and electrical items when not in use. Do not constantly leave devices like your TV or computer in standby mode. Each of these savings tips should help to save you money. Draught proof your home
By eliminating all the unnecessary draught from your home, it will cost you less to maintain a constant temperature within your house during the cold winter period.
Comparison sites
Use the cost comparison sites available on the internet to annually check that you have the best deals on each of your insurance policies. You may find that using various comparison sites will help you in making a lot of savings on telephone and internet services.

Savings from outside the home.

Be meticulous about you car trips and do several errands at once. Driving slower and at a more economical speed will help you to save petrol. On local journeys, your car could be left at home and you could walk or cycle. Sales
By planning ahead, you could use sales to buy gifts before they are needed and this will save you money in the long run.
Shopping cards
Shopping loyalty cards can save you quite a large amount over a period of time. Another good way to save is through coupons. By cutting these coupons out of magazines, you can save yourself a few pounds over the course of a year. Bank cards
Credit cards can result in big savings if you pay off your bill every month. However, a much better way to save money is simply by not using credit cards. Free activities
During your leisure time, take part in free activities. Things like hiking or walking can be great fun and at little or no cost to you.

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