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10 uses for jiffy bags

Be it Jiffy bags or padded envelopes, you will have received one of these envelopes at some point. What can you do with them after you've received your parcel? This article suggests 10 uses for them.

What is a jiffy bag?

Jiffy bags, or padded envelopes, are often used when posting items that can be damaged in the post.
They usually have an outer casing made of paper or a coated paper. The inside is usually bubble wrap.

Uses for your ‘bubble bag’

Re-use for posting
If you sell items online, you will have to have to pack your item, especially if it’s breakable.
If you have got Jiffy bags lying around, then this can serve as a cheap postage bag. Puppet
A padded mailer can be drawn on or painted.
Draw a face on the envelope.
Then cut up coloured pieces of paper or wool and stick it on the envelope to use as hair. Moving house?
Jiffy bags can be used to carry small items.
If you have got boxes with breakable items in them, use the Jiffy bags as extra padding.
Storing seeds
Jiffy bags can be used to store seeds. You can also label up the Jiffy bags so that you know what seeds are in the envelope.
Bubble wrap
Everyone knows that bubble wrap is one of the most fun things to play with.
If you are bored, you can take out the bubble wrap from the envelope and pop to your heart’s content. Packaging sheet
If you split theJiffy bags open down one side and along the bottom, this gives you a padded sheet.
You could even stick several split envelopes together to create on big packing sheet. Wrapping paper
Jiffy bags tend to be brown or white. You could paint the outside to create your own unique wrapping paper.
Jewelery storage
If you do not want to spend money on a jewelery box, use a load of Jiffy bags to store each piece of jewelery separately.
They will not get tangled up and you can label what is inside each envelope. Make art
Cut the Jiffy bags up into small pieces. Make them as small or as big as you would like.
Then, use the pieces to build up elements of a picture.
You could even use the pieces on the backs of photographs to make an unusual collage with your photographs. Fashion designer
Try splitting open the Jiffy bags and turning them into an unusual piece of clothing.
Try stitching them, gluing them or tying them together with ribbons.

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