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AT&T phones: The facts

AT&T phones are a well known brand in the mobile phone industry and they surely deserve the attention with the great service they offer. However, not all the phone offers are great as they depend on the manufacturer too. Here are some facts that you should know about the phones offered by AT&T wireless.


Since we are living in the modern world of Smart phone today, the AT&T phones provides us with variety of choice for the Smart phone with great price deal. Features of the phones - The AT&T phones offer you with great prices but, you are bounded with a minimum of 2 years contract with them. This is great if you are planning to stick with their service but, with the faster growing list of new Smart phones added daily, it is very tempting to get the latest gadget and with the contract, it is pretty hard to keep updated. - Some of the Smartphone offers are not android which means you are glued to the windows feature or other operating system platform offered by the manufacturer. This means that you can expect a lagging service.
Android operating system The android operating system is smoother and if you could get it with the AT&T phones, just grab it because you will not regret it later.
Search for best phones deals - You also need to get updated and always check the AT&T phones website to get your hand on the best deals because they offer many special prices online rather than going directly to the store. With a low crazy price but, beware as there will be lots of hidden fees later and of course a longer contract. Warranty
- The warranty for all the phones is great. However, the customer service for phone repair needs to be faster. You might need to repair the phone by yourself if it requires some minor repairing because they receive many damage phones each month. So, you can expect delay when repairing your phone.


These are some of the true facts about AT&T cellular phones that you need to know. There are some great benefit such as the great coverage. However, there is considerable room for improvement for the AT&T phones.

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