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A beginner's guide to ribbon crafts

You can use ribbons to embellish a variety of accessories such as hair bows, trays and even decorative pillows. You can buy ribbon craft supplies at your local craft shop or stationers. It's one of the perfect ways to express yourself. Read on for a beginner's guide to ribbon craft.


Hair bows are excellent wedding crafts decorations. Using a strip of metal, you can top it with roses in order to make wedding floral ribbons, or weddings feathers hair decorations. Tie ribbons are made of silk to create your finished hair bows.
You can use any style, colour or size of ribbon. So, if you have bridesmaids wearing lilac, you can use purple ribbon for their hair. You can get your wedding products supply from most wedding wholesale suppliers, and across accessories shops in the UK.


Ribbons trays are simple to make. This is an easy craft that you can use, or that you can enjoy as decoration. You simply have to place ribbons wherever you like them. Use different colour ribbons for a jazzy look. You could also use layer ribbons so that you can get a lovely textured look to your tray, but be aware that the tray's purpose is diminished when you do this.


Add padding to your ribbon tray with some glue and batting. Then, add a layer of felt underneath. Then, just attach your ribbons. Add more glue to insert the batting, and cut it to fit. Spread the top of it with more glue before inserting the felt. Attach your chosen ribbons to the top of the felt with more glue. Then, you can also use some decoupage skills to the top of the ribbons.


Embellishing a plain pillow with ribbons can create a perfectly designed decoration for your home. You simply need to stitch ribbons in any pattern that you prefer onto your pillow, or even glue them in the dips and waves, or even try to create a design. You could also sew sequins, or a delicate fringe onto the centre of each of your ribbons, and place them in a flower pattern along the pillow. You can buy all the supplies that you need for this in a specific crafts kit from your local stationery or craft wholesaler.

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