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A buyer's guide to John Wayne collectables

From his English American history as a popular, rugged movie actor to his career as a film producer, John Wayne continues to remain an iconic figure of masculinity and the typical country man. Here is a brief buyer’s guide regarding some of the different prices and types of John Wayne collectables available nowadays.

John Wayne's biography and importance today

Whilst there are many popular actors in the 21st century, one of the most famous and admired actors of the 20th century was John Wayne. Brief background Born Marion Morrison on May 26, 1907, it was not until the country man took to the big screen stage that he became known as the infamous John Wayne. A strong supporter of conservative political opinion, he was also an outspoken proponent of the English American anti-communist movement. Having won numerous film awards and starred in several major movies, such as The Searchers, John Wayne died on June 11, 1979. Legacy of John Wayne Whilst his passing occurred several decades ago, John Wayne still serves as a memorable English American icon. He stood as a man of strong masculinity and true country values. These factors have all led to John Wayne collectibles and John Wayne memorabilia to still be popular and coveted collectors’ items nowadays.

List of popular John Wayne collectibles

Here is a list of popular John Wayne merchandise along with average selling prices in this basic buyer’s guide (available online at auctioning sites like Duke Collectibles and the Collectibles Store): · Art
From John Wayne “Green Berets” posters to sketches, there are many valued art works available at affordable prices ranging anywhere from €5 to €20. · Autographs Original John Wayne autographs can be very costly, yet replica autographs and signatures are a more reasonable collectible’s option. · Money
With merchandise like gold-plated coins to paper money, these John Wayne collectibles can be found at affordable prices worth little more than the money itself. · Movies Available in both VHS and DVD formats, John Wayne movies are classic collectible options, presenting the English American actor like he was on the big screen. · Photographs Averaging €15 to €20, John Wayne photographs provide quality snapshots of John Wayne from many of his iconic films. · Trading cards Ranging anywhere from €25 to €75, John Wayne trading cards and toy figures are a great addition to a collection. · Other From John Wayne clocks to knives, there are many other merchandise options available at different prices if one searches on selling and auctioning internet sites.

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