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A buyer's guide to boys' christening outfits

Until the 1600s, the custom was for children to be tightly swaddled in cloth. In the 1700s, this cloth became a front opening robe fastened "with ribbon ties showing a petticoat beneath." By the eighteenth century, children wore slip dresses, "with a very long flowing skirt falling from a short, tucked bodice, low neck and short sleeves." This is often the fashion worn by boys today. Other christening outfits have developed as well.

Christening gowns

Christening gowns are still worn by boys today and they look very similar to the ones worn in the 19th century. These gowns are usually in white or ivory colours, and they can be made from silk, satin, and cotton. The gown's skirt has a long "A" line. The sleeves could be long or short with "short, tucked bodice." Additional details can include sash waists, half belts, underskirts, a matching bonnet, detachable collars and have a back opening. Some of the gowns have sailor collars, pan collars. Sometimes, the details of the bodice are repeated in the skirt. The gown can be accented with blue ribbons. Companies that carry christening gowns are Honfleur Christening Gowns, Cachet Kids (has six dresses), Little Cherubs, Blessings and Blossoms, and Christening Wear.


Rompers first appeared as a fashion for children in the early 1900s. They were described as “pinafore like garments.” They were play-clothes for children into the 1920s. Later, as an aside, they became fashionable clothing for women. Rompers are an alternative as christening outfits for little boys. These small suits are made of silk, cotton, and linen. The rompers are influenced by the Victorian era in that many of them are sailor suits with sailor collars, or they have Peter Pan collars, single or
double-breasted, as well as edged with ribbon. Companies that sell these cute outfits are Honfleur, Christening Wear, Christening UK, Blessings and Blossoms and more.

Boys' suit

When the boy is older, there are christening suits for them to wear. The suit can consist of shorts, a shirt, and some even have ties. Other suits have blazers or you can buy blazers separately, or even a pullover. Companies that sell the boys' christening suits are Honfleur, Christening UK, Cachet Kids, and more.

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