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A buyer's guide to kitchen pendant lighting

Lighting in kitchens is important in facilitating kitchen operations by providing well-illuminated work spaces. Pendant lighting is particularly useful for islands and peninsulas where lighting from walls may not suffice. Kitchens act as social hubs for the family and may be equipped with breakfast bars making lighting designs an important consideration. Read this buyer’s guide for information on kitchen pendant lighting.

Purpose of light

Before buying the pendant lighting, spend some time considering what you require of it. Ambient lighting Ambient lighting is inverted and directs light onto the ceiling, improving the overall room lighting conditions. Ambient lighting is more diffuse and free of glare. Task lighting In kitchens, you are more likely to require an illuminated workplace over a kitchen island or peninsula. Pendant lighting for task illumination is downward-oriented and projects light on a confined space creating high illumination levels. Defining space Pendant lights can also create a subtle definition of a different section of the room. For instance, ceiling lighting arranged in a track can give a sense of identity to the breakfast bar.


Pendant lighting
Pendant lighting can be suspended in a variety of ways. Single large pendants may be used as task lights. Multiple pendant lights may also be used and are often arranged in a linear, cluster or circular arrangement. Ceiling pendants Ceiling pendants may be used to create overlapping spotlights to cover the entire worktop. Track lighting looks great over a breakfast bar. Pendants in circles can be arranged over a round kitchen table. Clustered arrangement looks more informal and can also suit corner locations.


Shapes and sizes of pendant lamps will not leave you asking for choice. Whether you have a rustic kitchen or a sleek contemporary one, you are sure to find lighting fixtures that match your personal taste and décor. Ensure that you can access and clean the light fixture easily while keeping in mind that kitchen fumes can cause grease and grime to collect easily.


If you are thinking of getting pendant lights for the kitchen, it is a good idea to keep your eye out for lighting ideas that you are sure to come across in restaurants and bars. Borrow a lighting catalogue to familiarise yourself with styles and with rough price estimates. Where to buy You can buy lighting from big box stores, lighting stores and home furnishing stores. You can also make online purchases. Make sure to check on manufacturer’s data regarding warranties and return policies, should you wish to reconsider your purchase. A final word Balance practicality and appearance when buying kitchen pendant lights.

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