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A buyer's guide to rugged cell phones

Are you always dropping your phone, or perhaps you left it in the rain? If so, perhaps you need a rugged phone. This article will give you a guide to rugged cell phones that can withstand even the harshest conditions. With these conditions in mind, makers like Sonim have gone to great lengths to make their phones tough. This article will give you a guide to buying rugged cell phones.


Many modern phones are great to use but are not very solidly built and sometimes cannot even withstand day-to-day use. This is where rugged phones step in - they can often survive being dropped in depths or up to 2 metres, making them highly waterproof mobile phones. They also have features such as scratch-proof screens and built-in LED torches.

The phones

Sonim XP1300 Core This phone can be dropped from up to 2.0m in the air and survive landing on concrete at any angle. It is also able to withstand being left in water 2.0m deep for 30 minutes. There is an LED torch and scratch-resistant screen. It is available in black and yellow. Finally, it has a talk time of 18 hours and standby of 800 hours. The phones Land Rover S1 This is a Sonim branded Landrover phone - it can also withstand being dropped from up to 2.0 m in the air and survive landing on concrete at any angle. This phone has the addition of a 2 megapixel camera. Alongside the torch, it also has a built-in GPS. Talk time is 18 hours and standby is
1500 hours. Durrocomm LM801 The Durrocomm is by far the cheapest of the phones here. However, this does not mean it is without its own special features to compliment its standard ones. It can survive a 2.0m drop like the others and has a talk time of 4.5 hours and standby of 450 hours. Nevertheless, it also has a built-in barometer, altimeter, compass and thermometer, laser pointer, torch, MP3 player and FM radio and an additional wind-up charger.

Best places to buy rugged phones

There are many places where you can buy rugged mobile phones; a quick Google search will reveal this. However, these are some which are most commonly googled: Finally, another option is to use Google Shopping to find the best price for your chosen phone. It may be wise to look at a shop like Carphone warehouse where the phones can be tried. Happy phone hunting!

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