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A buying guide to Royal Blue motor cruisers

Royal Blue Marine are the exclusive sellers of Viking Marin Motor Cruiser boats in the United Kingdom. Any consumer who wishes to buy a brand new Viking Marin Motor Cruiser can only do so through the Royal Blue Marine company. Based on the Southern Pembrokeshire coast, Royal Blue Marine offers consumers an excellent list of additional features to add to motor cruisers. Read this buying guide to know about Royal Blue motor cruisers.


Three groups of models As of 01.08.11, Royal Blue Marine offers four main groups of Viking motor cruisers to boating enthusiasts, the Fly, Sedan, Aft and Pilot series. Boating consumers wishing to learn more information about Royal Blue Marine's Viking range of motor cruisers have the choice of visiting the Pembrokeshire base or downloading the company's online brochure in PDF format at Within the brochure, consumers can read about the basic information for each of the Viking boats offered by Royal Blue Marine, such as the overall size and weight of the boat and the features that come as standard with each vessel.


Optional extras Royal Blue Marine customers can choose to buy their boats at their most basic, with very few additional or luxury facilities added to the vessel. Boating enthusiasts who are willing to spend a large budget, however, have the option to add many useful and fun features to their boat. Customers buying a Viking boat from Royal Blue Marine must choose an engine specification. For example, while a sun-deck cockpit, trim tab indicators for the helm, DVD, radio, CD players and TV screens, fridge and freezer and rudder angle indicators are just a few examples of the customisations that customers can make. Features by numbers Customers can discover the cost of each additional feature that they are adding to their order on Royal Blue Marine's website. As customers tick each box for a feature, the overall unit cost at the foot of the page will increase, allowing customers to stay within their budget.

Ordering and delivery

Placing orders Placing orders with the Pembrokeshire Royal Blue Marine outlet cannot be done online.
Customers can fill in an online enquiry form at or contact the company's headquarters by phone to discuss their order. Delivery Customers can elect to collect their boat from the Pembrokeshire coast or Milford Estuary, or they can decide to get their boat delivered by trailer to a shoreline of their choosing.

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