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A buying guide to Winnie the Pooh collectables

If you're a Pooh fan, it's easier than searching for Heffalumps to find where you can buy the best collectable items. There's a range of options for you to consider . Read this article to find out more.

Online marketplaces and auctions

Do you love Pooh as much as he loves his honey, or you know someone who’s a fan of the willy nilly silly fuzzy old bear? If so, it’s helpful to know where to purchase Pooh collectables – whether for a gift, for yourself or children. Online The obvious places to search nowadays would be online, with sites such as Amazon and Ebay giving you a Hundred-Acre-Wood-full of Pooh bargains at the click of your mouse. However, depending on your purchase, there are other various places that you should check first, where you may also be able to find a good deal, for example, from Littlewoods or Asda stores. The Disney Shop also offers an extensive range of merchandise online, dominantly featuring modern but also classic designs. However, new products could prove to be quite expensive.

Other websites to consider

The website for Pooh Corner in Hartfield UK, which hosts the ‘world’s largest selection of “Pooh-phernalia”’ has a wide selection of merchandise mostly in the classic design, which can be purchased online. Toys, clothes, CDs, mugs and sale items are among the product available, and there are search options so that buyers can find exactly what they are looking for.

Buying hints and tips

However, besides the internet, Judith Milner for The Telegraph lists the top ten places to buy collectables, with jumble sales as the favourite hot spot, closely followed by car boot sales and charity shops. Toy and antique collectors’ fairs are ideal opportunities to find a bargain item, and Milner also writes that enthusiasts should always ask the seller or dealer for their best price before settling for the given price, which will often manage to get ten per cent off the original. Buyers should also be wary about “limited editions” – do not pay extra for a limited item unless this can be certified.

UK toy and antique fairs

There are regular collectors’ fairs across the UK running throughout the year, such as the Greater Boston Antique and Collector’s Toy Show, and the Toy Fair at Staffordshire County Showground, which will be held on 14 August 2011. The British Toy and Hobby Association fairs are held in January each year, hosting a wide variety of items available. So, don’t end up getting lost in the woods searching, or end up as grumpy as Eeyore – there are a number of websites and events where you can find exactly what you’re hoping for at the price that you would like to pay.

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