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A guide to Acadia University

Acadia University was founded in 1838 in Wolfville, Nova Scotia with strong Baptist religious affiliations. It was established primarily to prepare men for the ministry and to educate the people of the community. Since its establishment, Acadia has built a reputation of being one of the best education institutions in Canada. This article provides you with a guide to Acadia University.

About Acadia University

Maclean's Acadia is more known as an undergraduate school with a few graduate degrees. It holds a status of academic excellence in Canada, being the only university to have gained first place in four categories of Maclean's annual survey. These categories are among the highest quality, most innovative leaders of tomorrow and best overall university in Canada. Maclean's, a Canadian weekly magazine, has implemented the survey since 1980 and Acadia University has ranked in the top three 18 times as of 2011. Every year, Acadia University admits around 3,000 students from Canada and 60 other countries. The average class size for each class is 26 students and the faculty to student ratio is 15. This permits the professors to create an intimate and interactive learning environment for the students to excel.

Acadia Advantage

Acadia University pioneered the use of notebook computers to be integrated in the undergraduate curriculum in 1996, called the Acadia Advantage. Four years later, all students of Acadia University took part in the Acadia Advantage. This includes leasing laptops to students during the academic year, training, desk service support and course-specific applications. The Arcadia Advantage has caused innovative teaching and research from its students and faculty.


Acadia University has four faculties which includes the faculty of arts, pure and applied science, professional studies and theology. Each of these faculties is divided into schools and departments which specialise in a specific area of education and research. The department of research and graduate studies is separate from the undergraduate faculties. It is for the graduate students and oversees the research programs of the university.


Application to Acadia University can be done online through their website ( The online application form has six parts which can be completed in 15 minutes. The form would ask for personal information, preferred educational degree, educational information, academic transcripts and an application fee of 25 Canadian dollars. Once all these requirements have been completed, the application status may be known after three or four days.

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