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A guide to BNY Mellon investor services

BNY Mellon ranks among the world’s largest financial service providers, offering high-quality investment services and investment management through a global, client-centred team of professionals. With its operations spanning across 36 countries and over a hundred financial markets, BNY Mellon is a global financial expert providing cutting-edge investment value and guidance to its clients worldwide.

Leading global financial services company

BNY Mellon Asset Management BNY Mellon Asset Management is one of the leading financial services companies in the world, covering a range of investment management and global distribution functions across the financial spectrum. Its primary focus is to help clients to service and manage their financial investments and assets. The company has its operations spread over 36 countries and serves over a hundred financial markets. BNY Mellon is the group brand name for the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. The company’s clients include some of the world’s largest corporations, institutions and high-net-worth individuals. The company manages assets worth $1.2 trillion globally, has $25.5 trillion worth of assets under its custody and processes an average of $1.7 trillion in global payments each day.

Investor services

BNY Mellon Investor Services has consistently ranked among the top investment firms in the world in recent years. Standish Mellon, the group’s specialised arm for fixed income investments, has recently been named by Asia Investor as the “Best Eurozone Fixed Income Manager” for the second consecutive year. Individual investors can manage their own portfolios and conduct shareowner transactions simply by logging into the Investor Service Direct section of the company’s website.

Shareowner services

BNY Mellon Shareowner Services
BNY Mellon Shareowner Services consists of wide-ranging services, including corporate transactions, stock transfer services and employee stock plans. The company’s global resources and deep financial expertise help to provide highly informed solutions to clients at every level. Investment decisions are made in close coordination between the client and the company. The company’s core strength lies in its well-controlled and thoroughly regulated service model that is designed to achieve very high client satisfaction levels.

World-class treasury services

One of the cutting-edge financial services offered by BNY Mellon is Accounts Payable Outsourcing. In June 2011, the Data Monitor Group survey ranked the company No. 1 among all AP Outsourcing service providers that cater to large customers. The company’s treasury services operation named SourceNet achieved the top rank in nine categories including financial benefits, problem resolution, risk reduction, requirement awareness, skills resource, partnership approach, corporate reputation and overall satisfaction. The group’s treasury services delivers superior performance in cash management, foreign exchange and derivatives, capital markets, cash management, trade services and global payments.

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Investing in stocks: benefits and drawbacks

For the informed investor, buying and selling stocks is exciting and lucrative. You use ratios to measure the financial soundness of the company, perform technical analysis to work out the trend and decide whether you wish to go long or short on a stock. Successful investors learn from their mistakes and make the necessary adjustments.
How to get a Google stock quote

How to get a Google stock quote

Most stocks' prices are available online. For those which are not, a broker will be able to supply the information. For the most recent quotes, it is possible to get a streaming quote from any reputable online broker. Now, with the mobile Internet, it is possible to access quotes anywhere and at any time. Since Google is a heavily traded stock, quotes are accurate, usually up to the minute.
A guide to Goldman Sachs mutual funds

A guide to Goldman Sachs mutual funds

Goldman Sachs International is a leading name in the world of investment banks. Established in 1869 by Marcus Goldman, Goldman Sachs stock trading services were brought into effect in the year 1928. One of the key services offered by this company is mutual fund management. This article acts as a guide to Goldman Sachs mutual funds.
A review of Wealth Masters International products

A review of Wealth Masters International products

If you have been investigating investment and wealth companies, then you have probably come across Wealth Masters International. This company advertises that by using their methods and training, you will be able to attain financial freedom through the stock market. They offer a unique set of tutorials to teach you how to do so. This article will review that company.