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A guide to Cyprus villa holidays

Cyprus is an ideal holiday destination, as it appeals and caters for families, couples, young and old generations. This article serves as a guide to Cyprus villa holidays.


Overview Cyprus offers breathtaking sights, a hot climate throughout the year, stunning beaches and delicious Greek food and hospitality.
Villas in Cyprus are becoming an increasingly popular choice with tourists.
There is a vast selection available in key destinations around the island. Larnaca is a popular tourist resort in Cyprus and is home to the island's main airport.
The vibrant promenade, vast array of sea food restaurants, beaches and night-life make Larnaca an ideal location to find small to luxury villas to rent.
A useful starting website, allows you to choose a villa that is tailored to suit any budget. Villas range from basic to fully exclusive so check the facilities that each villa is offering. Most villas contain their own private pool and outdoor barbecue area and are self catering.

Ayia Napa and Protaras

Ayia Napa and Protaras resorts are situated to the East of the island.
These resorts offer the most stunning, crystal clear beaches and are well known for the vibrant night-life available.
An ideal location for students and young generations to search for their ideal Mediterranean villas.
Be specific with your choice of facilities to closely find a villa that matches your expectations.
Families with young children may want villas with a gated pool, whilst others may be searching for a villa in a central location so no car rental is needed.

Paphos and Limassol

About Paphos and Limassol Paphos and Limassol are situated to the west of the island and are popular for sightseeing. is a useful website for finding villas for rent in Cyprus.
Paphos villas are ideal for those looking to find a villa near a golfing complex, a harbour and main sights, including Aphrodite's rock.
Here, you can also find a range of luxury private villas in secluded and private locations.

Nicosia and Troodos Mountains

Final word If your choosing Nicosia, the capital city centre or Troodos mountains as your holiday destination, it is advised that you choose a villa with a pool.
These locations are far from the sea and due to the extreme heat, a pool will be an essential requirement when finding your ideal villa.
Villas in the Troodos mountains will also provide a quiet and secluded atmosphere, away from the main tourist resorts.

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