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A guide to French shabby chic

French shabby chic takes on a style similar to other shabby chic styles, with an abundance of knick-knacks, a mixing of patterns, distressed furniture, and a vintage feel. Using playful and unique accent pieces and choosing the right matching colours is essential to the French shabby style.


Colour French shabby chic can follow the same colour palette as regular shabby chic, with pale blue, pink, yellow, and beige. However, French shabby chic style has the added-bonus of adding black into the mix. Wallpaper The walls can also be wallpapered, either entirely or with an accent wall in the Damask, French toile, or Fleur De Lys style.


Bedding should be large and puffy to give a comfortable, yet classic style. Start by using a duvet comforter for the bed and throw a French toile quilt overtop. Finish off your bedding with a doily style knitted throw. Mix and match silks and patterns with a wide array of pillows. It is preferable if there are a variety of pillows that, while in the same style and colour pattern, do not match each other exactly. Bedframes work best in a wooden canopy style, or wrought iron designs. Depending on the overall look, furniture should be painted white or black. Finish off the classic French bed by placing a bed crown or silken canopy above the bed.


French shabby has the added-bonus of using black accent pieces, such as painted french beds and other home accessories without it seeming harsh or overbearing. Elegant furniture should be antique, and can be painted either black or white and later distressed with sandpaper for an authentic shabby chic feel. French pavilion Using furniture styled in the French pavilion fashion will add to the authenticity of the atmosphere. If possible, buy over-sized furniture to add to the grandiose nature of a French bedroom and purchase pieces such as an armoire and chest of drawers.


Accent pieces are essential to finish any shabby chic room, and should be used in access. Shabby chic styling is not known for its simplicity. Cluttered walls Cluttered walls should be filled with unique and interesting arrays of frames and should have the pictures focusing on a French theme, such as French shoes, the Eiffel tower, french mirrors, or paintings of vintage streets in France. Different sized, ornate mirrors should also be commonplace in the room. Other pieces
Other accent pieces include a chandelier, hanging flowers, and mini wrought iron statues of the Eiffel tower and the word Paris. Rooms can also be styled in a French, Marie Antoinette style that focuses on pink, gold, shoes, and stands complete with cake stands and plastic desserts.

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