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A guide to GE light bulbs

General Electric or GE is a lighting company which produces a wide variety of light bulbs for the home, office and industrial settings.

General purpose

Bulb types include incandescent, fluorescent lamps, metal halides, halogen bulbs, high pressure sodium lamps, miniatures and sealed beams among others.
GE bulbs come in different wattage and base types to fit every need and preference.
Each is tested before sold on the market to assure high quality. Bulbs of this type are found in general lighting fixtures inside the home such as table lamps and floor lamps.
Ceiling fixtures also use this type of bulb.
The brightness of these lamps can be adjusted for reading, general illumination and ambience. Tips
Use fluorescents or a CFL bulb instead of an incandescent for more savings.
A fluorescent bulb can produce more light for the same wattage as an incandescent.
These come in a wide variety of shapes to fit common incandescent bases. Traditionally, a fluorescent only produces a limited range of white light.
Over the years, GE has designed and offered more colours to suit different needs.

Decorative and speciality lamps

Decorative lamps
Decorative lighting bulbs are used in ornamental fixtures such as chandeliers and sconces.
Bathroom fixtures also commonly use this type of bulb. Consumers may choose to use clear or coated lamps to fit their needs.
Speciality lamps
Speciality lamps refers to a wide range of bulbs are used for a variety of unusual purposes inside the home and in other environments.
These include offices, hospitals, film development and presentation, directional lighting, party lights and airports among others.


Outdoor bulbs
Indoor and outdoor lighting bulbs look the same way.
The difference is that outdoor lamps are built to endure a variety of weather conditions better.
There are bulbs used specifically for lamp posts, gardens, motion sensors, bug lights and yard stakes.

Track and recessed

Final word
Also referred to as can lights, recessed lights are used to provide directional light. Several lights can be added on a track which can be adjusted and repositioned to illuminate certain spots or areas within the space.
There are two types of recessed light lamps.
Spotlights illuminate small areas such as artwork or niches.
On the other hand, floodlights provide illumination for larger spaces such as lobbies.

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