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A guide to Go North East Online

Go North East is the largest bus operator in the North East of England. They run services around Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham, Teesside and Northumberland. Go North East Online ( can be used to check timetables, buy tickets and find anything you need to know about using Go North East services.


The home page of Go North East Online has links to most of the main services provided by the website such as timetables, news and buying tickets.


The news section of the site contains articles about Go North East services, starting with the newest and archiving back for over a year. It also has a link to the Go North East Twitter feed, which can be used to receive up-to-date travel news.

'Our Services'

This part of the site has information about all of Go North East’s bus services. It contains route maps and timetables for buses. Fanzone, Journey planning and more On the 'Our Services' page, you can find the Fanzone. The Fanzone is a page listing information about transport for big events in the area such as air shows, concerts and football matches. It has timetables for extra bus services and other relevant information. There is also a ‘Planning your Journey’ link which introduces several online journey planners and gives a number to call for further journey-planning. There are also sections about wheelchair access, travel safety, night buses and the Go North East Get You Home Guarantee.

'Our Tickets'

You can visit this section of the website in order to buy tickets for Go North East bus services. The Key
The main way in which this is done is by using The Key. The Key is a smartcard provided for free by Go North East and can be used to purchase tickets online, over the phone or on buses. In order to receive one, you need to register online, which takes just a few minutes. Once you have done that and have received your smartcard, you can log into the site and purchase Buzzfare and Get Around tickets. Buzzfare and Get Around
Buzzfare and Get Around are the two main ticket services provided by Go NorthEast. Both have discounted rates for daily, weekly, monthly and annual passes. Buzzfare can be bought by anyone, while Get Around tickets are for under 18s and full-time students only. They both now need to be used with The Key. The Our Tickets section has a lot of information on Buzzfare and Get Around with regards to prices, ticket zones, and information on how to buy. Moreover, you can also find additional information on free concessionary travel.

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