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A guide to ITT Tech online degrees

ITT Technical Institutes are private college systems located in the USA. The institute has seven schools of study and through the courses, equip students with the knowledge and skills to pursue employment opportunities. The distance learning courses are delivered over the Internet and students undertake study from home courses to obtain a recognised degree qualification

About ITT Tech

The courses delivered by ITT-Tech run for approximately six or eleven weeks and are studied over a twelve week term. The courses are delivered entirely online, there is no requirement to attend a training centre or university and course content is delivered via an instructor, leading students through the course material. The instructor or tutor will post lessons and information, they will instigate discussions among students, and set assignments for completion. All of the courses include: -Text based-learning material -Online assessments which are marked and sent back to the student with feedback -Group based discussions making use of message boards or forums whereby students can post and reply to messages -Course materials including textbooks and CD ROMs, which are delivered in the mail -Access to a tutor or instructor and an email address for help and advice.

Degrees offered by ITT Tech

School of Drafting and Design and the School of Information Technology

-Drafting and Design
Bachelors degrees: -Construction Management Associates degrees:
-Drafting and Design -Technology Web Design - Web Design Construction Technology

School of Information Technology Bachelor degrees: -Information Systems and Cyber Security Information Systems -Security Project Management
Associate degrees: -Network systems -Administration Information Systems -Administration Computer Forensics

School of Business
Masters degrees:
-Business Administration Bachelor degrees: -Accounting Business Management -Project Management and Administration -Technical Project Management -Business Accounting Technology -Business Administration Associate degrees -Accounting Business -Accounting Technology -Business Administration -Business Management

School of Criminal Justice
Bachelor degrees: -Criminal Justice -Criminal Justice-Cyber Security

The ITT Tech website

The ITT Technical Institute website ( provides comprehensive course information including entry requirements, admissions procedure, frequently asked questions and what you will need in order to complete the Online Graduate Programs. FAQ tab Clicking on the FAQ tab on the left-hand side of the home page provides a detailed list of questions about how the courses work, what students need for the courses, admission and enrolment procedures, student services and financial support, and general questions about the courses. Course brochure
A course brochure can also be downloaded for each course to enable prospective students to research on the course content, modules and how much time needs to be set aside to complete the course.

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