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A guide to Lancashire School of Welding

Are you searching for a welding school to continue your studies and receive professional education? If you do not want to spend your valuable time searching the web and browsing college websites, start by reading the following article. Find out all the interesting facts that you need to know about the Lancashire School of Welding as well as a guide to welding courses.

Welding courses

The Lancashire School of Welding can offer its students basic and advanced welding courses. You can select the welding course of your choice depending on your welding level and skills and the welding training you want to receive. Basic welding courses Lancashire School’s basic welding courses are ideal for anyone interested in welding with a little or no experience at all. Basic welding courses include a Health and Safety module, a Welding Safety Equipment and Procedures Module, a Setting up and Stripping down Welding Machinery Module, an Identifying Appropriate Consumables Module, Practical Exercises and finally MIG, TIG & MMA Basic Welding Procedures. After completing a basic welding course, a Lancashire School student will be able to manage welding equipment and perform welding work at a basic level. Advanced welding courses Advanced welding courses are ideal for experienced welders who want to improve their professional skills. Advanced welding courses consist of all the modules studied at the basic welding courses plus an MIG, TIG and MMA Advanced Welding Procedures Module and a BSS Welding Codes Module.


You can find the Lancashire School of Welding located at Unit 45, Hollins Grove Mill in Darwen, Blackburn. If you re not familiarised with the wider Blackburn area, you can find maps and directions on how to find the Lancashire School of Welding on the School’s official website at


If you have any unanswered queries regarding welding courses and wish to contact the Lancashire School of Welding, visit its official website and click under the ‘Contact Us’ section. You can contact a Lancashire School team member by phone or post using the phone number or postal address provided. As an alternative you can send your email request and Lancashire School team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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