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A guide to NZ immigration

With the global economic downturn affecting everyone and every country, emigrating to Australia or New Zealand for jobs and work is an appealing prospect. This article is a guide to New Zealand immigration.

Exit strategy

Skilled workers are migrating to the other side of the globe and have contacted an immigration agency or immigration consultants beforehand to help them settle quickly.
Although a skilled immigration test and working visa has to be first obtained before an applicant can start working in the country.


There are certain Department of Immigration criteria that successful applicants must fulfil before their entry to New Zealand is granted. The Skilled Migrant Category is a points based system that appeals to someone who is looking to work during a gap year or to gain valuable work experience abroad.
And the Work Visa or Permit is not points based, but if an applicant can find a prospective employer, then they can apply for a Talent Visa to secure work for the candidate. Investors Investors to the country are always welcomed but the hopeful must have relative business experience and NZ$1.5m investment funds, with a further NZ$1m to cover resettlement costs.
An easier way for someone looking to relocate to New Zealand is if they have close family or relatives living in the country, this extends to grandparents. It is practically free immigration and is not a point based system, but relatives in New Zealand must be over 18 and be financially able to look after the claimant(s). And after living in the country for three years, an outsider can apply for New Zealand citizenship. 55 years of age for the principal applicant is the cut-off point for applying under the general skills and they must have sat an International English Language Testing System - test results must not be over two years old when applying. Retirement: New Zealand permits people who want to retire in the country, but insist that they meet the standard criteria and plan for an earlier retirement or have adequate sums of money to do so. A solution is to also stay six months of the year or nine months out of 18 months in the country. Disclaimer: These are few criteria that require to be fulfilled for anyone thinking of emigrating to New Zealand and in no way reflect the entire selection process or decisions. Website Further information and official documentation can be obtained through the New Zealand Embassy or New Zealand Immigration Service website: Immigration.govt

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