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A guide to ROHL faucets

Rohl is a company that has been making faucets since the 1980s. It is a company that is often associated with design, ingenuity, and family values. In fact, the company consists of Ken Rohl and his three sons who take such roles as marketing, running the eastern division (the company is based in California), and acting as a liaison with the European designers and producers. Rohl faucets are available for the kitchen and bathroom as well as the bar. The article below acts as a guide to ROHL faucets.

Kitchen faucets

Rohl offers kitchen faucets that can match the style of your kitchen whether it is modern or traditional. The faucets come in a variety of finishes, including nickel faucets that are polished or satin, bronze, brass or chrome. The faucets can range from being wall-mounted to bridge, widely spaced or even pull-out. In fact, Rohl was the first company to create the pull-out faucet - a faucet that many find indispensable in their kitchen. Rohl even offers kitchen faucets for the commercial kitchen which make pot cleaning and food preparation easier. Rohl also provides kitchen sinks that help tie in the faucets and sinks, creating a cohesive look. The sinks are fireclay and can be mounted beneath the counter or as a casement mount.

Bathroom faucets

Like the kitchen faucets, the bathroom faucets come in a variety of styles and finishes, ranging from the traditional to modern. Names include Perrin and Rowe, Michael Berman Bath Collection, Country Bath, Modern and more. The bathroom faucets can be paired with Rohl sinks which help to provide a finished look. Bathroom faucets by Rohl can even include tub faucets which, like the sink faucets, come in a variety of styles. Because of the faucets for the bathroom sink and tub, Rohl offers a way for you to tie in the two main features of the bathroom: the sink and the tub.

Bar faucets

Rohl offers a smaller, yet no less important, set of faucets: the bar faucet. The bar faucet is smaller than the kitchen sink faucet. Since the bar is not always located in the kitchen, there can be more of a choice when seeking a bar faucet. Rohl does offer smaller versions of the larger kitchen faucet, but the different designs as well.

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