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A guide to Road Runner Internet

Road Runner is a company that provides internet services to modems that are DOCSIS compatible. This company is a division of Time Warner and offers its services to other internet service providers. Road Runner often puts itself in direct competition with internet service providers that are operated by phone companies.

The history of Road Runner

Road Runner was launched in 1995 as Southern Tier Online Community. Later on, it operated under the name Linerunner until Time Warner changed the name to Road Runner. The mascot of the company is the Road Runner character from Time Warner's Looney Tunes series.

Road Runner Internet services

Tier services Road Runner cable internet has a variety of data rates. These vary, based on level of service and the area they are provided in. This company sells Internet access under the following package names. - Lite
- Basic
- Standard
- Turbo
- Turbo Plus
- Extreme
- Wideband internet Each of these packages have different internet speed levels. The Lite level is the lowest data rate offered to customers. Road Runner competition Road Runner puts itself in competition with internet service providers that sell broadband internet at a low cost. Road Runner does this by offering internet services at a similar price as these companies. The cost and speed of this service varies from area to area. It is also important to note that as a division of the Time Warner company, Road Runner prices its packages with the goal of driving people towards signing up for home phone and cable services. These services are losing popularity due to the internet providing customers with new ways to communicate. On demand television is also affecting the sales of cable television. Road Runner customer bandwidth caps In the past, Road Runner considered having bandwidth caps. The top level of the bandwidth cap would be 100 gigabytes. Anyone who went over their allocated cap would be charged $1 for every additional gigabyte. Unsurprisingly, this plan was not well received by Time Warner customers, and this is why Time Warner abandoned this plan. It now offers customers unlimited bandwidth.
Other Time Warner services People who have their internet with Road Runner may be eligible for discounts on other Time Warner services such as land line phone, mobile phone and cable television services.

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