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A guide to Sky offers

If you haven't already then at some point, you will most likely want a Sky TV package.Loking at Sky online is your first port of call. Read on to see what Sky offers or if there is a sky upgrade for you.

Just looking for a TV package?

Sky UK have a multitude of packages and you can get a really good deal with an online offer at
Sky TV Bundles are far better than FreeSky channels and your Sky deal can be made to suit your budget too. TV Packages
There are lots of offers if you just want Sky television channels with interactive TV that gives you games and Sky Shopping.
You may want to make use of Sky Plus and access HD Sky programs, and there are high quality new sky programs released regularly.
There are a lot of choices available, from ready made sky packages to packages of your own choice, where you can add or take away channels from the Movies, Sports and Entertainment sections.
Sky World includes much more with a vast selection of on demand viewing. When you first join Sky,you get a Sky receivers in with your package, but you will need to pay for installation.
It should be noted that you have to pay a small fee for this.
This fee is a one off charge, where you have a local engineer come out to calibrate your Sky digital dish and program your Sky box.

Sky TV and land line

Additional features
There are a lot of phone bundles that you can add to Sky phone packages and the call rates are some of the best in the UK.
When you combine your TV offers with your home land line, you get a much better deal and it's always worth negotiating with Sky on any offer.
They have been known to agree to some free channels or free local day time calls when you take out a contract for two services from them.

TV Phone and Sky Internet

Final word
The TV Broadband packages are where you are going to get most for your money as you have unlimited access to on demand TV from anywhere you have an internet connection.
With Sky Player, you can watch live Sky TV anywhere or watch hundreds of films that are found in the Sky on demand section.

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