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A guide to U.S. postage stamps

A lot of people are interested in US postage stamps. In this guide on US postage stamps, you can find out about their history and about the various images that printed on stamps. You can also find practical information about where you can find US postage stamps.

The history of US postage stamps

Background and overview
The first US postage stamps were introduced in 1847, as a prepayment method for sending letters.
Their introduction was considered a major improvement in the postal services, especially when compared with the uncertain methods of payment of the past.
Yet it became compulsory to use stamps by law a few years later, in 1856. First book of stamps
The first books of stamps were issued in 1900.
The five cent postage stamp with the portrait of Franklin was reproduced from a drawing by James Longacre and the 10 cent postage stamp was based on a portrait of Washington from Stuart’s painting.
These stamps were the first postage stamps series of 1847.
Nowadays, they are useless for postal services, but they still remain of great value to collectors.

Images on US postage stamps

At first, only historic figures and politicians were considered appropriate for postage stamps.
Over time, images on stamps also reflected cultural and ideological currents. Nowadays, you can find almost everything on a stamp: nature, sports, music, actors and singers, among others.
And the most fun part is that you can order your personal stamps with your personal images.

Where can you find US postage stamps if you are a collector?

Points to remember if you are a collector
If you are a collector – or if you want to become one – you may find stamps or collections of stamps quite cheaply online.
Of course their price depends on their age and value.
Furthermore, do not forget that you may also find framed stamps, which you can collect and use as a decorative element in your house as well!

Where can you find US postage stamps for postage use?

Final word
You can find US postage stamps almost everywhere and you can also have them delivered to your address.
Their rates are not fixed, but you can save a lot of money if you buy rolls of stamps since they are always cheaper.
Don’t worry if stamps remain unused, since you will be offered the opportunity to exchange them if they become useless.
Finally, there is always the solution of purchasing pre - stamped envelopes.

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