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A guide to Universal Design Studio

Universal is a global motion picture production company, commonly referred to as either Universal Studios or Universal City Studios. Owned by NBC Universal, a subsidiary of Comcast and General Electric, it began as a relatively small studio and has grown to one of the largest major movie studios known to man. Their library extends as far back as the first movies.

The Universal Studios attraction

Inside Universal Studios attractions, there are many things to keep you occupied. More than a tourist attraction, the world famous interior design studios attraction centres have everything. From amusement park rides to nightclubs, there is also a back-lot that reveals the secrets on how special effects are made in top selling action, horror, adventure and other movie genres. The back-lot is a tour of behind the scenes processes through film-making, and it is the original tourist attraction that Carl Laemmle created in the 1920s. It is especially unique and as the tour is not staged, tourists actually experience a film being made in the process. Tourists can expect the routine to change daily, since movies have different scenes and require different sets.
How Universal Studios began
Universal's founder is Carl Laemmle, a native of Laupheim, Germany who moved to Chicago and entered the film industry by being one of the first owners of Nickelodeon in 1905. In disagreement with the terms of not crediting performance actors in their pictures, Laemmle co-founded the Yankee Film Company with partners in business, Abe Stern and Julius Stern. Being the first company to mention actors at the end of the credits, Yankee Film Company became successful, changing the name to Independent Moving Pictures in 1910. Just two years later, Laemmle forged Universal Film Manufacturing Company with eight lesser known companies, in a lucrative business deal.
Still successful, Carl Laemmle eventually bought his business partners' stake and formed Universal Pictures Company in 1925.

Setting a benchmark

Having been the first company to introduce a marketable movie studio to the public, Carl Laemmle created a benchmark in the film studio business. Where most film studios were closed to the public, Laemmle converted Universal's Design Studio into a profitable tourist attraction that highlighted their movies and actors.

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