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A guide to baby swimwear

Taking your baby swimming, either at the local pool or on holiday at the beach, is great fun. Frolicking around in the water is a great way for your baby to have a little fun and, of course, tire himself out! Keeping your baby protected from the sun is vital, though, if you are outside and that means covering up as much as possible.

Swim, baby!

UV suits are an ideal way to protect your baby’s very delicate skin from the piercing rays of the sun.
SP50 Most UV swimsuits come with a SP50 which will keep the skin covered and secure and ensure complete peace of mind on your part that your baby will not end up sunburnt from a day at the beach.
Neck protection Most suits also offer matching hats with neck protection at the back to keep your little one as shaded as possible.
Additional protection Most parents are well aware of the importance of covering their children in a high factor sunscreen, but UV clothing offers additional protection and it is possible to buy a range of shorts and t-shirts which have a SP50 too. Many regular swimsuits will also offer a degree of protection from the sun, but it is wise to keep babies and toddlers covered up as much as possible when in the sun and full-body UV suits are the easiest way to do this. Floats into the trunk For toddlers, you can buy suits that also have a float built into the trunk of the suit in order to act as a safety device in the water and to help them to learn to swim.

Keep them safe

Another important factor when it comes to choosing the right swimming gear is keeping your baby warm. Baby towel
Small kids cannot stay in the water for too long and a baby towel that goes over their head and covers their entire body is a good investment for coming out of the pool or the sea as it will stop any chills. Swimming nappy
Remember, too, to use a swimming nappy. This is a waterproof nappy that won’t swell in the pool and will ensure no nasty leaks while you are splashing around! Swimming floats Swimming floats that you can place the baby inside are also a great investment if you are off to the pool as it means that you can have your hands free and your little one gets a chance to feel the freedom of the water.

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