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A guide to become a tattoo artist

Tattoo artists can have a lot of fun at work. They get to create amazing and intricate pieces of art on skin. However, it can be difficult to get tattoo jobs and you will need to look into schools to better your skill first. This article provide a guide to become a tattoo artist.

Your drawing skills

You need to be able to draw to get tattoo artist jobs. If you can't draw, then there is no chance that you'll be trusted with a needle and ink. You should consider taking art classes and mastering that skill set first.

Build a portfolio

You need to be able to show the tattoo parlors that you have applied for a job that you can do. You should build a portfolio with all your artwork. Make it as diverse as possible because you can have clients asking for all sorts of tattoos to be made onto their bodies. Select your best pieces to put in your portfolio and offer both black and white and coloured sketches.

Go to school

There are tattoo courses in schools that you could take to help better your tattooing skills. This will help you build on your ink art quality. If you can prove that you are willing to learn, this will make it easier for you to become a tattoo artist.

Become an apprentice

Sometimes, the best way to learn is through a tattoo apprenticeship; this could also help you get a job afterward. You will get the chance to work with other artists and learn from them. This will also give you the experience that you will need to be a desirable person to hire.

Build up the experience

Consider taking internships or working voluntarily to help build up your experience in tattoo studios. This will help you learn more and will make you more desirable to hire. Sometimes, the experience is worth more than the pay from a regular job, especially if this is something that you want to make a career out of.

Learn everything about the tattooing process

You will not only need to learn how to tattoo but also about the whole tattooing process. This will involve learning about sterilising the needles and the aftercare of the tattoos.

Apply for jobs

The only way to get a job in tattooing is to get yourself out there. Start applying for tattooing jobs in your area. As you build up more experience of working in a tattoo studio, you could start to consider running your own.

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