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A guide to beginning boxing sparring

Anyone considering to try a new sport might give boxing a go. Boxing requires a combination of skills including a cool head, a sense of timing and good hand to eye co-ordination. On top of that, it requires you to be in tip top condition in a number of areas of your body. This article will take a look into the world of boxing and how to get started with some simple sparring.

About sparring

One of the biggest drawbacks of boxing is the price of failure. If you lose, you're going to take a beating! It's difficult to improve your skills when you're constantly getting hit, which is why sparring is such a popular exercise for all boxers, from beginners to pros. Sparring is boxing without the bone-crunching contact. It allows you to improve not only your skills and technique but also your fitness and strength all while remaining reasonably safe and unharmed. Learning to fight Sparring isn't just about attack and defence. It is during these exercises that boxers can experiment and try out new moves without fear of getting caught short. Sparring is also a good way to understand what skill level you are at before you commit yourself too far. If you engage in a sparring match and find that you are out of your depth, don't be afraid to step down a level while you improve and thank your lucky stars that you weren't getting hit for real!

How to spar

So, you've got all your sparring equipment and you're ready to start - but what exactly are you supposed to do? There are two types of sparring - body sparring and open sparring. Body sparring does not allow head contact and is great for those who still feel a bit uneasy. Open sparring allows head contact but full protective gear must be worn. Remember that the objective of sparring isn't to win - you and your partner should be helping each other to improve! Techniques Work on all areas of your boxing in order to improve your technique. Vary between offence and defence, working the opponents body, footwork and jabs. Sparring pads may have taught you technique but now it's time to learn how to fight against an opponent who can dodge and punch back!
A final word You should not overdo the session - sparring shouldn't leave you tired, merely honed to perfection. Soon, your boxing speed, strength and technique will improve but you should not forget that sparring is only half the work. It is the full boxing matches where you put all your new skills into action!

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