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A guide to booking Cyprus weddings

Cyprus is a beautiful island, which is why it is a very popular wedding venue. Of course, if you want to have a dream wedding abroad, there are some things which you should remember. This article will tell you what you need to know when arranging a wedding in Cyprus.

Arrange travel

The first thing that you need to do if you want to get married in Cyprus is make your travel arrangements. Not only you will need to book travel for you and your partner, but you will also need at least two witnesses, so you should make travel arrangements for your friends and family as well.

Book a venue

Next, you should decide on the type of venue that you want. Whether you want a religious ceremony or not, be sure to book the venue for around the middle of your holiday. This is because you need to be a resident in Cyprus for at least three days before you can get married there. It also means that you get to enjoy a few days of honeymoon after your wedding. If you are looking for cheap wedding venues, you should note that many hotels will perform marriage ceremonies.

Get all your paperwork

To ensure that your wedding meets all the legal requirements, you need to get all the appropriate paperwork together. This is possibly the most important part of your wedding arrangements. This includes the passports and birth certificates for you and your partner. If you have never been married before, you will need a Single Status Statutory Declaration and a Certificate of No Impediment. Otherwise, you will need the Decree Absolute if you have been divorced or your previous spouse's death certificate if you have been widowed.

Enjoy the ceremony

Once you have booked everything and all your paperwork has been approved, it is time to enjoy your wedding ceremony. Whether you have booked a religious ceremony or a civil wedding, you are sure to have a wedding to remember in Cyprus. After all, the island is beautiful, and has some of the most stunning wedding venues in the Mediterranean.

Relax after the ceremony

The main advantage of having a Cyprus wedding is that you do not need to travel more to enjoy your honeymoon. After all, you will already be on a beautiful island with your partner, so you can relax, take in the sights and enjoy the local cuisine. Cyprus is really a wonderful place to get married and arranging a wedding in Cyprus indeed isn't too difficult.

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