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A guide to booking holidays in Bali

Bali vacations are special in many ways as they have something to offer to every type of traveller and holidaymaker. Below are some of the highlights and favourite haunts of the seasoned visitors to this magical Indonesian island. Use this article as a guide to booking your own personalised holiday in Bali, and experience the enchantment for yourself.


There's nothing worse than having a holiday of a lifetime ruined by bad weather. Understanding an area's climate is vital for making sure this never happens. Asian holidays,in particular, should be planned and booked around the rainy or "wet" seasons, or height of summer to avoid excessive heat. Avoid December to February, as this is when the skies open and the rain comes down by the bucket-load, almost everyday. However, June through September is the best time to visit with a lower humidity and average temperatures of 23 to 31 degree Celsius.

Luxury in Bali

When travelling to Bali from far away, it is tempting to book from one of the luxury beach holidays online. This is a good move and can save you a lot of money in the long run. Cheap holidays to Bali are relatively easy to find - a quick Internet search will provide plenty of resources. For something a little more special, why not take your honeymoon in Bali? Stay in one of the many resort cum spas in the town of Seminyak, and all the pampering relax on the quiet beach. Development has been rapid here and mainly caters to the more upmarket clientele, although it is still possible to behave like a tourist and take a bungee jump, or party with the best until the sun comes up.

Surfing in Bali

Surfing is high on the agenda when it comes to the Bali tourism. This is not surprising either as Bali has some of the most consistently jaw-dropping waves on the planet. The epicentre of surfing in Indonesia and Bali has breaks for all levels. Visit the famed Kuta beach and take lessons from one of the surf schools. The more experienced and adventurous surfer might want to head to Padang Padang where large swells come in and fight their way out with the ever-growing numbers of locals and tourists, for what is undoubtedly the gnarliest left-hander in the world.

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