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A guide to bus insurance

If you are a bus transport owner and you want peace of mind regarding all the risks associated with driving your buses on public roads, bus insurance is ideal for you. Bus insurance covers loss or damage to your bus. It also covers liabilities to third parties which are passenger liability, third party property damage and third part bodily injury or death. This insurance arrangement provides full cover as illustrated in this article.

What does bus insurance cover

Bus insurance covers own damage losses as well as liabilities to third parties. Own damage losses
This is accidental loss or damage caused to the bus as a result of a road accident, fire or theft. It also covers windscreen damage as well as theft of accessories such as wheels.
Third party liabilities Bus and minibus insurance covers legal liabilities to third parties which are passenger liability, third party property damage, third party bodily injury or death. It also covers contingent liability.
Other extensions covered A complete bus insurance package includes other extensions which are parking facilities, fire extinguisher charges, towing costs, legal costs, emergency accommodation for staff members and medical expenses.

How to get bus insurance quotation

A bus insurance quotation is obtained online from an insurance company or insurance broker or from their offices. Online quotations are more convenient because you can easily seek quotations from different companies for comparison purposes within a short period of time. It is important to compare the quotations from different insurance companies regarding the price, scope of cover and extensions, service level and premium payment options.

Bus insurance options

Comprehensive cover Comprehensive insurance covers loss or damage to the bus and all third party liability claims such as passenger liability and third party property damage as well other extensions like medical expenses and legal costs.
Third party liability cover You can choose to take insurance cover against third parties and opt to retain the own damage risk. Again, you can take insurance for passengers only depending on your risk profile and risk management programs. However, comprehensive cover is the best.

Why taking bus insurance

Peace of mind Bus insurance provides peace of mind because all related risks such as damage to the bus are well catered for by an insurance company.

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