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A guide to buying Osprey backpacks

Osprey is a huge name in high-quality bags and backpacks. Their products are mainly for use in the great outdoors, meaning that they are practical, sturdy, reliable and of the highest quality. In this article, you can find out about the different Osprey backpacks available, and where to buy products from the Osprey range.

About Osprey backpacks

Categories of Osprey
The Osprey range encompasses three main categories: Outdoor, travel and bike. Within each of these is a large range of sub-categories and products, designed for specific uses (e.g. bags for men, bags for women, bags for children, multi-use bags, extra-light bags and wheeled bags).
Multiple bags Within each category listed, there are multiple bags available, so if you are looking for a specific backpack to suit your needs, you look no further than Osprey (
Outdoor range
The Osprey outdoor range features bags suitable for backpacking, hiking and climbing, as well as everyday use. If you think that your needs are mentioned in this category, you can visit (activity outdoor) Travel collection
Their travel collection features wheeled bags, backpacking backpacks and gear hauling bags. They are particularly useful for utilising a small amount of space for a large amount of gear or equipment. If your needs fit into this category, you can see the links from Bike range The Osprey bike range, as you may have guessed, is perfect if you are a keen mountain biker or even day-to-day cyclist.
Light-weight packs
Again, the design of these bags is created specifically for use on a bike, so even the gear hauling packs are as light-weight as possible. You need to follow the links on the aforementioned website for more information. Quality and protection of the pack Every single pack and bag mentioned here is made with quality and protection from the great outdoors in mind, so purchasing an Osprey pack is a solid investment that will last for years. Add-on packs Osprey also manufactures "add-on" packs for their bags, so if you need to use your Osprey backpack for a different use, you can look into that, too!

Where to buy Osprey backpacks

The number one place from which to get Osprey backpacks is the Osprey website itself (as listed above). It is also worth-checking out your local outdoor shops, such as Millets and Mountain Shack, as these sorts of places may stock them. Other places online to buy Osprey backpacks are listed below: (a great place to pick up a bargain!)

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