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A guide to buying a Horn sewing cabinet

Horn of America is a small private company with under 100 employees that is based in Sutton, West Virginia. While small, the company has a reputation for quality. Its focus: sewing cabinets. These are not just any cabinets; they are tailored to the serious sewer and crafter's needs. A quick guide will help you match the proper cabinet to your needs.


Price is the first concern. The best way to start the process of buying a Horn sewing cabinet is trying to stay within your budget. Check out the various options and decide what it is you require. As one wise person said, try to get the best that you can afford at the time. Thanks to the flexibility of the designs, you can add on to your sewing cabinet when your budget expands.


When shopping for sewing machine cabinets, you want to make sure that you can fit the sewing furniture into your room. If your sewing room is just a corner of a small room, then getting a sewing cabinet that can fit within the corner can help you not only leave usable space in the room, but provide adequate working surface upon which to work as well. If your space is extremely limited, Horn offers a sewing cabinet meant for school use which might work well for you.


Horn offers sewing cabinets that cater to the quilter, the sewer and the crafter. The quilting sewing cabinet has features like the extra-large cut-out which can accommodate larger, heavier machines as well as the mounting panel to support it. If you are a sewer, then Horn of America offers a cabinet which provides storage as well as space for your sewing machine and serger as well as plenty of work surface. Options The craft tables offer a 40 by 72 inch wok surface in the form of a table which can easily be folded and tucked away. Lifts are also a consideration. If you prefer manual lifts, then Horn has them. If you prefer electric ones, then Horn has those also. If you like sewing cabinets which combine features from the quilting cabinet to the sewing cabinet, and want more storage, Horn has that option also.

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