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A guide to buying a built-in gas double oven

A gas oven can be a wonderful appliance for your kitchen. Before electric appliances became so popular, gas was the traditional cooking method. Today, many appliance manufacturers still make gas double ovens either, as stand-alone ovens or as built-in hobs or as part of a range like an Aga. This article will provide a guide to buying built-in gas double oven.

Stand-alone or range

The first thing to decide when buying gas double ovens is whether you want a wall mount gas oven that is built into the wall, or whether you want integrated ovens that are part of a range cooker. Selecting a gas oven that is part of a range cooker will allow you to make more efficient use of space in your kitchen, but your range will need to be at least 36 inches in most cases to accommodate a double side-by-side oven. In fact, in most cases, 42 or 46 inch is a more common size for a cooker with an integrated double gas oven.

Natural gas or propane

Your next important decision when buying dual ovens that use gas is whether the ovens use propane or natural gas. Most ovens are designed to work with natural gas, as this is a more standard type of gas energy used for cooking. However, there are some properties that do not have access to natural gas. If this applies to you and you want built-in gas hobs, you will need to ensure that the double oven can be converted to LP or propane.

Electric pilot

The final thing to check is whether your oven requires an electric pilot light in order to turn on. One of the reasons for which people select gas ovens is to provide them with the opportunity to cook even when the power has gone off and this is something that is not possible with an electric cooker. If your oven has an electric pilot, then you do not get the benefit of this feature unless there is a way to manually override and light the pilot yourself when the power is out. If having the ability to cook without electricity is important to you, then you should make sure to check on this particular feature when buying your oven.

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