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A guide to buying a double drawer dishwasher

Drawer dishwashers are the latest and the greatest invention in terms of dishwasher technology. Drawer dishwashers are a change from the pull-down front dish washer because drawers actually fit inside drawer stacks in your kitchen cabinets and pull out forward, just like any other drawers in your house. However, you need to know about what you are buying and inform yourself of all of the different features and benefits of dishwasher drawers.


Drawer dish washers can be better for design, better for your back and better for the environment. The first thing to think about when you buy dishwasher drawers is what brand you want to choose. There are a few main brands that are very well-known for dishwasher drawers. Perhaps, the most well-known is the Fisher and Paykel dishdrawer, which has been around for a very long time, and which was one of the first dishwasher drawers to come on the market.
Other well-known brands
You can also find dishwasher drawers in two other well-known brands: Kitchenaid and Jenn-Air. All of these brands allow you to select stainless steel fronts or integrated panels, although the Fisher and Paykel and the two drawer Kitchenaids, both have little logos on the front and partial front displays, preventing them from blending in 100 percent with the surrounding cabinets.

One drawer or two

The next most important consideration when buying dishwasher drawers is whether you want to buy a single drawer dishwasher or a double drawer dishwasher. A double drawer dishwasher
A two drawer dishwasher will do exactly what it sounds like:
Give you two separate drawers as part of your dish washer. The two drawer is more expensive than the single drawer, but you will have far more storage capacity. When you buy a two drawer dishwasher, you also have the opportunity to run each individual drawer on its own, allowing you to run small loads and save energy. This gives you more flexibility.


Price is another key thing to be aware of. Because double drawer dishwashers are a newer technology, they are going to be more expensive than traditional dishwashers, whether you buy the Fisher & Paykel dishwasher or the Kitchenaid.

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