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A guide to buying a wrought iron table

Wrought iron furniture is a manifestation of the royalty of the Victorian era. Apart from being highly aesthetic and exquisitely designed, wrought iron tables are also highly durable. Here is your guide to buying the perfect wrought iron table.


There are varieties of wrought iron tables available for you. They are generally found as patio furniture and you can buy them as a part of outdoor patio sets, outdoor garden benches, table, and chair sets etc. Wrought iron lasts better than cast aluminium sets and is generally a more viable option when it comes to purchasing an outdoor set.


Wrought iron tables are known for their intricate designing and exquisite arrangements. Previously, such tables had a general elegant look. However, nowadays, wrought iron tables range from elegant to chic, vintage, modern, bistro or retro. White is considered the ideal colour for an outdoor garden bench, conservatory tables metal furniture. However, you can always opt for the classical black if you do not want to experiment much. It is best to buy your tables from a specialty retailer and not a wholesale shop. In such a case, the table can be customised according to your size and design requirements. In the wholesale shops too you can choose between a variety of designs. Consider the square and round table options for dinner sets. You can also accessorise your table with special handle-laid marble or mosaic tabletops.

Functionality and space

Before buying your table, measure the dimensions of the table and the space where you want to the put the table(s). Check whether the table is large or small enough to fit aesthetically into this space. Moreover, keep in mind the reason for which you are buying the table. Choose the design according to the room you are placing it in. If you keep moving a lot, then take special care to make sure that the table is light in weight as wrought iron tables tend to be heavy.


While buying your furniture, check if the iron has been treated, as untreated iron can be prone to rusting. It is best to have a power coat finish or a layer of industrial adhesive. If you are using outdoor patio tables, then refinish the table with paint protection. Umbrellas are also important for outdoor wrought iron tables. The size of the umbrella must be double the size of the table. Final word Wrought iron tables fulfil all the expectations that you may have from a piece of furniture. Choose a wrought iron table and make your home more aesthetically appealing.

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