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A guide to buying cell phones on eBay

Are you after a new mobile phone or a second hand one? Do you want a cell phone or a PDA? It's always best to know beforehand - if you're not sure, then it's far too easy to make a mistake or an impulsive purchase that could end in more trouble than it's worth. This article will teach you how to buy cell phones on eBay

Know what you're after

The first step is to ensure that you know what you are after. Whilst eBay mobile phones might seem like an easy option, sometimes with a little extra effort on your part, you might be able to make significant savings elsewhere.

Things to look for

Be sure to read an accurate description of the phone you are thinking about buying. If in doubt, always contact the seller.
A genuine seller is usually more than happy to give you any information you need. Tips
When searching for your phone, if you come across words like 'barred' or 'blocked' , it may signify that the seller is breaking the rules on eBay.
In such cases, if you do purchase such a phone, it would be next to useless.
If someone is selling such a phone, report them to eBay customer services - don't let someone else fall for this trap. Use other websites to see whether the phone you want to buy has been reported as stolen or lost.
Research the seller
Be sure to try and learn as much as possible about the seller.
What is their feedback like? Have they been selling a lot of low-value items to artificially inflate their feedback?
Has the person sold many other new phones?
Are they a reputable dealer?
How long have they been selling items on eBay?
Is the person answering your questions? If not , you should be suspicious.

What to do if things don't work out right

Final word
When buying an eBay cell phone, it is recommended by eBay that you pay via PayPal.
Not only is this a secure way of making your purchases, but it also offers the buyer adequate protection.
In case of any complications, PayPal will have the seller's details on record and will then work with eBay to correct the situation.
Remember that if you lose your money to a fake seller, PayPal may help you in getting your money back.

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