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A guide to buying ceramic mugs

Ceramic mugs are more or less used in just about every household and office in the country. Whilst some people tend to buy mugs off the shelf without giving the item much thought, there are many things to consider when purchasing such an item, be it from a stylistic point of view to something a bit different.

Cosidering the cost

The price of the mug
How much do you want to spend on a mug? Is cost a factor in that you just want something cheap and functional? Often, buying mugs in sets can often be considerably cheaper, than buying an individual mug. Whilst these might not be anything special to look at, they'll still work as intended.

Where to buy

Purchase of mugs Do you want to see and feel the mug before you buy? Many shops sell mugs (with even the availability of speciality mug shops). If you're not to bothered by this though, you can consider making an online purchase.

Size of mug

Size What sort of size of mug do you require? Are you the sort of person, who needs to start the day with a pint and a half of coffee? A large mug is for you. You can even buy tiny, novelty mugs that make great fun stocking fillers.

Unique mugs

Design of the mugs Are you the sort of person, who wants your mug to say something about you? If so, you should consider buying unique mugs. Whilst these can be few and far between to find in shops, there is nothing from stopping you from designing your own. There are indeed plenty of online resources, which can allow you to do this. Whilst this can be quite costly compared to a standard mug, it'll certainly be one of a kind.

Travel mugs

Insulated mugs for travel Do you travel much, but never like to be away from a hot drink? A travel mug might suit your needs. These are often insulated mugs that hold more that a standard mug, and they can keep your drink hot for often over an hour.

Promotional mugs

Mugs as gifts for promotion If you're running a business which likes to give out gifts to potential customers, then a really good way of being seen by them on a daily basis is to send them the gift of promotional mugs. This could include your corporate logo for instance, or even your address and other contact details.

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