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A guide to buying designer outdoor furniture

Choosing the right outdoor furniture that fits into the landscape of your front yard or backyard is very important. Unless you want to fill your yard with odd pieces of furniture, you should not just get any outdoor sofas, conservatory tables or wicker garden chairs that are on sale. To help you choose the right decorative outdoor furniture for your home, here are some tips.

The local climate

Whatever pieces of furniture you put outside your home will be at the mercy of the weather. As it is, you should find something that matches the weather of your place. For instance, if you live in a hot and dry place, you should avoid buying wooden outdoor furniture. Note that most types of wood used for modern furniture tend to crack and splinter when exposed to hot and dry conditions. On the other hand, if you live in a humid and wet place, forget about buying wicker or outdoor rattan garden furniture. These types of furniture tend to get moldy when exposed to damp conditions.

Size and space

You need to match the size of your furniture with the amount of space that you have. Moreover, you should you should get a day bed that does not eat up all the space in your balcony. Remember that you need some legroom to move around, so do not fill up every inch of space you have.

Design and colour

Most landscape designers love to showcase symmetry and harmony, so they prefer to use simple outdoor furniture that blend into the background. If you want to showcase your garden and not your bench, you should get a bench that blends right into the landscape.

Find something comfortable

You can hardly relax in a hard and lumpy chair or daybed, so if you want to enjoy sitting or sleeping outside, find yourself a comfortable bed or chair. If your designer furniture does not come with pillows and cushions, you can always buy these items individually. There are many types of seat or bed cushions that are suitable for outdoor use, so shop around and take your pick.

Be budget-conscious

A wise shopper is always budget-conscious, so make sure that you do not spend beyond your means. If you cannot afford brand new designer furniture, you can always buy a used one.

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