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A guide to buying futon mattress covers

The futon dates back to ancient Mesopotamian, Babylonia and Egypt. They were stuffed with cotton, wool or silk. The Japanese futon of the same period was thinner and it was filled with staple cotton. Not until the 1980s did futons become popular in the UK and Europe. Buying a cover for the futon can help to revive the futon as well as to make a room become stylish. This article is a guide to buying futon mattress covers.

The futon

The style of the futon frames can determine the style of the futon covers. The futon's style can vary from solid hardwood futons that resemble mission-styled furniture to the traditional futon. The latter is a plain pine futon that rests on the floor. It is similar to Japanese futon beds. The frame could be made of metal and it can be either modern or traditional. The futon can also be like futon sofas which are made of wood or metal. These may have solid backs and arms and in the case of metal, they may look very utilitarian.

The room

The room can help to determine the cover of the futon as well. If the room has a traditional or a formal décor, this should be considered. If the house is rustic, then the cover must reflect this. The cover has to fit in with both the room and the futon. It must not stick out like a sore thumb. Futons can be in various styles and can be made with various fabrics. There is a wide range of futon covers in many different styles, colours and even fabrics. This is helpful when making a choice about which futon cover to purchase.

The fabric

The futon cover can be made from various fabrics from plain cotton, tapestry to linen. Various futon covers are available at furnishing stores as well futon stores. The futon covers can be fastened with zippers, buttons or ties. If you prefer, you can make your own futon cover from fabric which has been purchased at a fabric store or a fabric warehouse. Since the futon cover is basically a bag into which the futon mattress is slipped in, it is not difficult to make. Sew up the sides and the bottom of the fabric, but leave the top open. Then, you decide whether you wish to close the futon cover with ties or buttons, Velcro, zippers or only with a flap, like a sandwich bag. The next step is to slip the futon mattress inside your newly made futon cover and enjoy yourself.

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