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A guide to buying golf course equipment

Golf course equipment comes in two main forms: equipment bought by courses and clubs to keep their course flowing logically, their fairways and greens smooth and their cups inviting and equipment used by players, without which a golfer could not get around 18. The sale of golf equipment is a booming trade in the UK and abroad, so golf equipment is readily available to buy both in person, catalogues and online.

Course essentials

In person
Golf equipment for courses, such as golf flags for pinseekers, are difficult to purchase in person.
UK High Street stores do not provide any of these supplies, for example, so golf course professionals and greenkeepers will have to rely on products in catalogues and online for their course equipment. Catalogues Supplying golf clubs with equipment, such as tee boxes, is big business in the UK.
Thus, clubs can obtain brochures from wholesale golf suppliers and place orders over the phone or using the Internet. When buying equipment, golf clubs can negotiate cheap deals by buying equipment in bulk.
prudent for a club to have a ready batch of spares and supplies. Online Golf course equipment is also available to purchase online, ranging from hole sharpeners through to ride-on tractor mowers. Golf course greenkeepers can browse the selection of equipment available and place orders online, but should consider the high cost in shipping an item's new mower tractors.

In the club bag

Essentials A golf player simply cannot play through 18 without a basic range of equipment.
This includes a selection of clubs, including a driver, at least two irons, a wedge and a putter. Golfers must also carry tees, balls, ball markers, pitch mark and divot repair tools.
Everything else that a golfer needs on the course will be provided by the course managers. For example, when you arrive at a course, tee boxes, flagsticks and bunker rakes will already be laid out. High Street and Pro Shop Visit major High Street sports shops and the Pro Shops at your local golf clubs to buy any and all equipment you need. When visiting the Pro Shop, ask if they have a price match guarantee scheme; many club shops operate this, allowing you to match any price you were able to find in a catalogue or online. Catalogue and online If you require equipment from a specific golf equipment brand, visit their website and search their goods or order a brochure to be delivered to your house. Browse the range of equipment on offer, but bear in mind that you will have to pay an excess for delivery. Furthermore, ordering equipment online means you cannot try it out first, which is a disadvantage.

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