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A guide to buying yellow sapphire rings

When thinking of sapphires, most people immediately think of blue sapphires. Although blue is the most popular sapphire colour, these gemstones come in a range of colours. Sapphires that are not blue are often called fancy sapphires, and they can be more affordable than the blue varieties. This article acts as a guide to buying yellow sapphire rings.

What are yellow sapphire stones?

Fancy sapphires can be orange, yellow or in a range of different light colours. Yellow is one of the most popular colours. This yellow gem also comes in a range of different shades, from lighter to richer tones. Treated and non-treated sapphires Most sapphires in the jewellery market today are treated with heat to highlight and to enhance the stone’s natural colour. Recently, there has been an increasing demand for stones that have not been treated, and non-treated sapphires can be more expensive than heat-treated ones. Stone’s certificate When buying sapphire gemstones, you can ask to see the stone’s certificate to find out if it has been heat-treated. The treatment does not usually have an effect on the durability or the quality of the stone, and the colour stays on permanently. Gemstone hardness
Sapphires belong to the hardest gemstones in the world and rank at nine on the Mohs scale of gemstone hardness, second to only diamonds (which get ten on the Mohs scale). The hardness makes the stone durable and resistant to damage, another reason for its popularity in jewellery.

How to choose a yellow sapphire gemstone

The price of sapphire jewellery depends on the colour, the size and the transparency of the gemstones. The origin of the stone is often crucial, especially with high quality sapphires. With fancy sapphire, the more vivid the colour is, the more valuable the stone can be. However, most of the time fancy sapphires are more affordable than blue sapphires, and they are nearly always more affordable than white sapphires (popular because of their close resemblance to white diamonds). Advice If you are buying a light yellow sapphire, make sure that the stone has a good clarity. The lighter the colour of the gemstone, the easier it is to see any flaws (inclusions). The fewer inclusions the stone has, the more valuable it is. Good cut
A good cut is also crucial, especially if the colour is light. Dark gemstones can look lively and dramatic, even if the cut is not perfect. However, with light or colourless gemstones, the stone’s ability to reflect light is very important. Cleaning When cleaning your sapphire jewelry, use mild liquid soap mixed in warm water and avoid harsh brushes. When not in use, gemstone jewellery should be wrapped in a soft cloth to protect it from damage.

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