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A guide to car hire in New Zealand

One good way to explore New Zealand is by car. With a car hire, you can visit many unspoiled spots and unforgettable destinations in the country at your own pace. To ensure that you will fully enjoy your driving experience in the country, it is highly recommended that you consider several factors first before renting a car in New Zealand.

Things you need to know

Driving age and licensing Compared to other countries, New Zealand's driving age is relatively young. Many car rental companies however, require drivers to be at least 21 years old, before they can hire a car. It is also a standard practice for most car hire firms to require drivers to show a non-provisional licence, which is proof that you've cleared your final exam and have a full driver's licence. In case, your driver's licence is not in English, it would be in your best interest to have it translated in the language by an authorised agency before you travel to New Zealand. Extra drivers are normally permitted, however each driver is required to carry a full license. Insurance Although, it's not mandatory for regular drivers to have their cars insured, all NZ rental cars are most likely insured to some extent. Keep in mind that not all roads in New Zealand are fully sealed. There are many dirt roads and gravel tracks all throughout the country, in addition to roads that are frequently covered in snow during winter. As a result, many auto rental insurance policies would not cover for you if you travel to certain routes. It's thus recommended that you clear with your rental company particular insurance provisions, before driving off in your car. Some New Zealand car rental companies provide an insurance surplus or excess reduction. This affords you the option of paying an extra fee to lower your insurance excess in case of a road accident. Due to the country's unique driving laws and road conditions, taking advantage of this option in the end can be extremely beneficial to you. Roadside assistance Due to the fact that many of the country's road driving conditions are considered to be challenging, it is highly recommended that you get yourself some form of roadside assistance option. Some car hire companies in New Zealand include these options in packages, although there are others that charge extra for these.

Tips to getting cheap rental

1) One way to get budget rentals or budget rent a cars in the country is to search the Internet for good deals. 2) Select the smallest car that you can comfortably fit in to save up on rental fees and gas bills as well.

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