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A guide to car types

Just like any prosperous country in the world today, the UK has a highly developed car market. Cars make people lives easier and make travelling fun, comfortable and convenient. This article discusses the various cars types available in the UK.

Hatchback, saloon and estate

Hatchback A hatchback is a type of car that is equipped with a trunk lid that is “fused” with the back window. Because of the way they are designed, hatchbacks generally have spacious cargo spaces. Many models also come with rear seats that can be folded to allow passengers to easily access the storage area from inside the car or to make space for large cargoes such as doors or appliances. Saloon Saloons have a lot of similarities with hatchbacks, except for the fact that they don’t offer a lot of luggage or cargo space. A saloon car generally features two rows of seats. The rear seat row is generally bigger than the front row, making it ideal for seating adult or tall passengers. Comparatively speaking, saloons are not as popular as hatchbacks in the UK. Estate Estate cars are very popular with families that own pets such as dogs. Generally speaking, estate cars are a lot similar to saloon cars, as they also offer generous passenger space. Unlike saloon cars though, estate cars generally have a large cargo area.

Sports and 4x4s

Sports Sports cars are small, low profile cars that are equipped with a powerful engine. Most sports cars are designed to seat only two passengers. Many of these cars have a "soft” roof or top, which can easily be removed for cozy driving during warm days. A lot of sports cars boast of superb handling, acceleration and braking. The low downs with sports cars are that they are expensive to purchase and insure. Moreover, their cabins are generally cramped and susceptible to noise. 4×4 4x4s are also known as four wheel drives. These cars are designed to be driven on all types of terrain. Generally, 4x4 cars have a big body and offer a lot of space for cargo and luggage. Four wheeled cars are the vehicles of choice of many rural folks, as they are capable of negotiating rough and unforgiving terrain.

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