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A guide to choosing a wide brimmed hat

The wide brimmed hat was popular in the Victorian and Edwardian era, and is associated with the Gibson Girls as drawn by Charles Gibson. These wide brimmed hats were popular from 1895 to 1941. These hats were worn by notables such as Lillie Langtry and Mae West, and many others. When choosing a wide brimmed hat for yourself, there are a few details to keep in mind.

Your face and height

Your face and your height can help to determine what wide brimmed hat will work best for you. If you have an oval-shaped face, then you will be able to wear quite a number of styles successfully. However, if your face is wide or angular or narrow, you will be more limited in terms of styles. If your face is wide, choose a wide brimmed hat that has a straight brim and a high crown. If your face is long or one that is heart-shaped, choose a hat that has a curved brim or a floppy brim, as this will soften the "lines of your face."

Your height and the brim

If you are small, then you should go for a smaller wide brimmed hat rather than a very large, extravagant one. If you are tall, then you can wear as large a wide brimmed hat as you like. Wide brimmed hats do have wide brims. However, if you wear a hat with an extremely wide brimmed hat, you run the risk of looking comical rather than stylish. Try to stick to hats that possess brims that are of the same width as your shoulders or less.

Your clothng

The clothing that you choose will affect the choice of a wide brimmed hat. If you have a simple outfit, then you can wear a more elaborate hat. This will help to create a balance. If you have an elaborate outfit, then the wide brimmed hat that you choose should be plain. If you intend on wearing the hat as a regular piece of your wardrobe, then you should choose a wide brimmed hat that resists crushing, no matter how many times it is packed away in your bag whenever you travel. Try on a number of hats to determine which one works well for you. There are so many styles, ranging from the straw boater to the swinger. Then, you will be able to find a wide brimmed hat that suits you best.

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